1st Access Self Store


The process is straight forward, reliable and gives you the control you need to streamline your administration.

Take Control Of Your Documents

Each record or file is added to archive quality crates, each assigned a unique barcode and its every movement is tracked by our computer system

Secure storage

These crates are then taken to our secure 300,000 ft storage centre.

Quick, simple retrieval

You have access to an easy to use computerised index, that lets you locate any file in seconds and request a retrieval and delivery within  a couple of hours.

Or for more routine events you can have planned daily, weekly or monthly deliveries and pickups.

Pick up on demand

When you are finished with the records they are picked up and added back to the archive. Along with any new files that are easily added into the system.

Peace of mind, and full control

This reduces overheads, as you are no longer using expensive office space for storage, reduces manpower and increase accuracy and security.

Talk to us now to see how document management services can benefit your organisation. \"Boxes\"